I am a racist.

by subacati

I happened upon a thread of comments that had morphed into a discussion on racism. I was typing my own response when it occured to me that it was, in and of itself, worthy of it's own dedicated post. So here it is
acknowledgements to Angeliki

So much already said, so much more to say. :awww:.
Firstly, I'm a racist. I try not to be, but I know I am. Yet, when I look around me at everyone I know in real life, I'm the least racist person I know! :insane:.
In today's society, multiracial marriages are becoming more common. Let me tell you from personall experience that a multiracial marriage is not an easy road to walk. The difficulty comes from the prejudice of the people around us. :awww:. I never knew how racist my own family was untill I met and married a woman of Indian descent. There, for the first time, was all the prejudice and wrong thinking of my family exposed. It was an eye-opener for me to see how a thing as insignificant as a mindset could impair the rational thoughts of an otherwise intelligent human being. I've always eaten chicken with my fingers and I cannot imagine how one would manage a chicken wing or drumstick with a knife and fork. Yet, on visiting my brother, I was once reprimanded for not using my knife and fork to eat a piece of chicken. I was told that I'm, 'a white man' not 'an indian' and that a 'white man' uses a knife and fork. :left:. It is this kind of irrational reaction that makes inter-racial anything extremely difficult. No matter how someone is raised, it seems that some residual prejudice is inherently absorbed from our surroundings. I, for one, do not understand it. It's not like it's natural, but it grows there, deep within us like a weed. And like a weed, it just takes one seed. :awww:.
I am a racist. I'm not proud of it, and I try not to be, but the seed is there and all I can do now, is weed the garden as often as possible. :awww:.