Something about me

by subacati

I borrowed this survey from Kimmie :happy:. …

40 Random Questions

Name:: Aadil
Have any nicknames?: qlue
Brithday:: January
Eye Color:: Brown
Height:: 5'9''
Your heritage:: African of european descent
Your bedtime:: Random
Dream Job:: Mad Scientist :devil:
Do you drink?: Does coffee count? :left:
Ever done drugs?: Caffein is a drug :whistle:
Do you like being single?: ~
How about being taken?: ~
Which would you rather be?: ~
How's your heart?: It still pumps good. πŸ˜€
Last person you kissed:: My ex wife :faint:
Do you curse?: It happens
Why?: I'm human
Have you ever::
Been skinny dipping:: Who hasn't? :eyes:
Drank until you passed out:: Ok, so I used to drink, what of it? :irked:
Broken a bone:: Not yet
Used handcuffs:: Only when escorting a prisoner.
Been in love:: We all make mistakes sometimes.
Had your heart broken:: (read previous answer)
Been cheated on:: Ditto
Cheated on someone:: No
Gotten in a fight:: I try to avoid fights, but I work in a prison so…
Played any sports:: Does chess count?
Danced on a bar:: :left:
What are you listening to?: The wind
What size show do you wear?: Huh? :left:. Oh, you mean shoe. 10 and a half extra wide
What's your goal for the year?: Get rich, buy Microsoft and fire Bill Gates. :whistle:
Get along with your parents?: While they were alive, yes! :happy:
Love or money?: :heart:
Beach or mountains?: Mountains
Coke or pepsi?: Coke but only when there's no coffee
Have any tattoos?: :zip:
Have any piercings?: NO!!! :no:
What should you be doing right now?: Housework
What time is it?: 11h50

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