Commodore? Risen from the dead?

by subacati

It was in 2004 that I finally got rid of my Commodore 128D. I just couldn't justify the space that it took-up anymore! :awww:.
But when I got my netbook, I quickly found the VICE emulator and realised that, thanks to modern technology, I hadn't lost much! :hat:. …

Commodore USA LLC is a new company that has aquired the Commodore brand worldwide. (according to their website) And they have recently launched a reborn 'classic' 'Commodore 64' computer. :left:.
As I C=64 enthusiast, I should be ecstatic! but I'm not! :awww:. I'm not even pleased to be honest! :left:. Their effort totally misses the point. Anyone could take an old Commodore box and put a modern motherboard into it. But let's be honest, the original C=64 was butt fugly! :yuck:. This new pretender has none of the soul of the original. It doesn't have any of the original's propriety ports. (something which, strangely enough, is catered for by most emulators) That lack of propriety ports is the first major flaw in this pathetic attempt to cash in on the nostalgia of an enthusiast. At the very least, they should have included the two Atariยฎ style game ports and the Commodore serial port! (The latter for connecting legacy Commodore printers and disk drives) :rolleyes:.
Anything less than this is just a glorified case-mod, which many Commodore enthusiasts have done anyway, usually including some legacy ports as well! :irked:.

I've read some comments where people see this as a 'good' option for Linux enthusiasts. The fact that, after buying this usurper, you still need to buy an external keyboard to use it properly with a modern operating system makes this a bad choice for that. There are countless cheap pc's out there that could serve the needs for a modern system much better!

So who is this actually aimed at? I really don't know but I don't believe any hard-core Commodore enthusiast would touch this thing with a ten-foot barge pole! :insane:.
And who, other than an enthusiast, would even want a 'Commodore 64' anyway? :confused:.

Some case mods.