I am African

by subacati

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A personal message that I received recently together with my reply. :). I'm not sure what this guy was getting at but I hope I managed to answer his question. :left:. …

Originally posted by Youropera2009:

Dear Aadil πŸ™‚

Are sure from Africa? :confused:

Regards πŸ™‚
Asrul syam
Indonesia :jester:

I'm not quite certain what you mean. :confused:. I am an african by birth. That is to say, I was born in Africa, as were both my parents. My heritage and genealogy is of mixed european descent. (some of my ancestors were German, some British, some French etc.) my culture is based in South Africa. Although many cultures co-exist side by side here so one cannot say that there is a distinct 'South African' culture. But I definitely do not follow a European culture. :left:. I hope this clears things up for you. :up:.