Old school

by subacati

It was an interesting evening. I took some photos and some videos. I haven't uploaded the videos yet, but I'll do that asap. :up:.
Here are the photos. :hat:. …

So that's how they "do it on the Discovery Channel?" :eyes:.
Leading up to the the reunion dinner, I decided to do some window shopping to pass the time. When I saw this, I just knew I had to take a photograph and post it! :lol::yes:.
:sst: Imagine getting that for Christmas. :p.

I had a lot of trouble getting a good photo of this dragon. :awww:.
There was too much glare on the glass and I didn't have my polaroid filter with me. :cry:.(or a decent camera to use it with for that matter :awww:)

The table decoration were ok, but a little bit 'busy' for my tastes. There was almost no space left for the plates. :irked:.

Of course, the football theme was inevitable I guess. That football is actually a candle. And yes, some guys did try to use them as real footballs after they were sufficiently lubricated. :rolleyes:.

The inevitably boring speeches. Basically, if you've never been to a formal reunion, it's just a glorified fund raising dinner. :awww:.
Some of the guys decided that the huge martini glass was just the right size for a beer. :rolleyes:. (it was my class, the class of 1990 that made the most mess. :left:)
Well, my attempts at formatting this post correctly aren't going so well, so untill I figure it out, here's what I've got so far.