“It doesn’t work on Linux!!!”

by subacati

By now, most of my friends here know that I've bought myself a little Acer Aspire One netbook. Even Acer will tell you that these netbooks are no good 'Cos they don't have Mickey$oft Windo$e on. :rolleyes:.
Of course, What Acer won't tell you is that the Linux version they installed on them is a heavily stripped down Fedora8 derivative.
If you know nothing about Linux, then let me explain, The Redhat/Fedora project is currently on Fedora 11 and getting ready to release Fedora 12. Now if I took, for example, the design of the original VW Beetle, and built a 'new' version with a one speed gearbox, no passenger seats and only one door on the driver's side, would it be fair to compare that to a Toyota Camry?

Anyway, After an initial bad start, I switched to Ubuntu Netbook Remix. I've since bought flash drives, a DVD writer, and today, I bought myself a Toshiba "STOREart" 3.5" USB hard drive. I wanted a 1.8" drive, but I couldn't find any. And I couldn't find a 2.5" SSD drive.

Now this drive, like so many of the things I've bought, comes w2ith some unneeded software. So it says on the box that it needs either Windo$e Vista or Xp to work! :rolleys:. My DVD writer says the same thing, as do some of my flash drives etc. :irked:.

Just to be on the safe side, I decided to check up on the best way to format it first. And I came across the following thread:

and I found this important bit of info that has eluded me till now! :p

+1 about sizes. FAT32 is limited to 2TB volume size, and 4GB file size. – Steve Folly Sep 26 at 16:13

Now I know why I couldn't get dd to work properly when I was trying to create an image of an 8GiB drive! :doh:.

Anyway, let's talk about the chats I had with all the frindly 'Salesmen' I met today! One ID10T said quite bluntly that the reason Ubuntu doesn't get virus's is because it has /quote/"… nothing in it so there's nothing for a virus to attach itself to…"/unquote/

He then complained about the lack of "drivers" for Linux. In his "knowledgable" pontifications he mentioned Ubuntu by name repeatedly. I don't think he is even aware that Ubuntu is only one of about fifty+ distro's of Linux out there! :lol:.
Now I was once told to never argue with an idiot because people might not be able to tell which one is the idiot! :whistle:.
But I was very tempted to ask him why EVERY piece of usb equipment I've bought comes with it's own sets of drivers! (yes, that's a plural) For Vista and XP and OSX but never for Linux. (to be fair, Not every Item includes OSX drivers!) One item even had drivers for 2000!

Yet, despite the total lack of drivers being supplied for Linux, even though there is "nothing in Linux", All this equipment works flawlessly under Linux!!! :yikes::eyes:.

So it appears that Linus Torvald must be God then!!! :whistle:.
Because, let's revue, He took nothing, from it he gave us nothing that has nothing in it! He gave it to us for nothing and yet it works with everything!

Compare that with certain others who took something, that they didn't own, sold it to IBM, for a hefty fee, took it back from them again, resold it to 'us', for a hefty fee, it's got everything in it, yet it works with nothing unless you add even more to it, and next year you'll have to throw it away and buy the new 'improved' version, for a hefty fee, that still won't work with anything. Then you'll have to buy more things to get your old things to work withy it again anyway, even though it's got everything!!! :awww:.

So, it doesn't work with Linux, but Linux works with it all!!! :yes:.