Why I deleted Contacts On Ovi

by subacati

Somethings are best left alone. …

I've had a wierd 'virus' on my phone for a while now. Everytime I reboot my phone or switch it off and on again, some hidden program keeps opening a data connection and starts downloading something.
I tried to figure out what by using taskman to examine the apps running in the background, but nothing showed up other than the usuall system functions.
much to my annoyance, my phone kept running out of ram.
It got so bad that I couldn't even open some images that I'd opened before because this phantom app that was running invisibly in the background was using too much ram.

Unable to find this phantom, I began deleting one suspect after another. I ruled out all the java apps as I'd set them all to autostart = not allowed. Finally, after deleting Contacts On Ovi, the mysterious phantom vanished. The available ram went back up to 21 from 19 and nothing is mysteriously trying to download who knows what in the background anymore.
Considering that Contacts On Ovi never worked in the first place, I'd say I've lost nothing! :yes:.
This is the second piece of software from Nokia that I've had to get rid of due to it's interference with my other apps. :insane:. The first time it was Nokia's push email client that kept starting up and messing with my data connection. That program was terminated very abruptly as it kept blocking Operamini, thus preventing me from getting on line in the first place. :irked:.
Now I know that others are using this same software and they are quite pleased with it. But it doesn't work well on my phone so I'll rather stick with what works for me thanks. :yes:.
So next time you think you have a virus, consider the possibility that it's really an official piece of software that's just a tad bit over zealous. :lol:.