Something to smile about.

by subacati

He's the cleverest president in africa. …

A plane was about to crash. There were five passengers on board but only four parachutes.
The first passenger said, "I'm Zinedine Zidane, the world's number one footballer. FIFA needs me, I can't afford to die."
So he took the first pack and left the plane.
The second, Hillary Clinton, said, "I am the wife of a former United States president. I am the most ambitious woman in the world. I am also a New York senator and a potential future President of the United States."
So she grabbed a pack and left the plane.
The third person was Robert Mugabe who said, "I'm the President of Zimbabwe and I have thirteen million helpless people who look up to me. Above all, I'm the cleverest President of Africa, and it's people will not let me die."
So he put a pack on his back and jumped out the plane.
The fourth, Nelson Mandela, says to the fifth passenger, a ten year old chinese school any, "I'm old and have lived a fruitfull life, God will decide my fate. So I'll let you have the last parachute."
To which the boy replied, "It's ok, there's a parachute for you too, Africa's cleverest President has taken my school bag."
My thanks to Seipathi Mokhaloane and The Daily Sun Newspaper.