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A warning!

A link to a blog and a poem that stands as a warning for believers! :up:

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It is a tradition here on the My Opera community to write a special post when one is declared "Member Of The Week" :up:.
So here I am, following tradition! :hat:. …

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Eid mubarak!!

We celebrate Eid-ul-fitr today as the glorious month of Ramadhaan Has passed. Whomsoever shall leave this month (of Ramadhaan) and gain nothing from it, they are surely the losers. …

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OMG, WTF, (add expletive of choice here.)

I launched Operamini as usuall, went straight to news items as usuall, and saw two new messages. so I went to read them first.
Someone, who I don't know, has added me as a friend. Not once, but twice!! …

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Lailatul Qadr

This is an english translation or explanation of the 97th Sura (chapter) of the Holy Quran.
Lailatul Qadr
I have copied this as is from the english translation by A. Yusuf Ali.


. …

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Yes I’m a muslim so deal with it!

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Often I an asked why I an a muslim. For those of you who are/were genuinely interested, please do not be offended. For those of you who merely wished to attack my freedom of thought and my freedom of religion, well it's my choice, be offended or not as you please because frankly, I don't give a damn! …

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