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iPhone not good enough for BASIC 2.0

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How to convert a Commodor 64 BASIC listing to a tokenized form

In the previous post, I linked to an article that includes a listing of a BASIC program for the Commodore 64. But how would we run this program if we don't have a Commodore 64 lying around? :left:.
The answer is, we use VICE, the VersatIle Commodore Emulator.
But it's not quite as simple as copy and paste!
So, since it took me quite a bit to find the answer, here is a simple 'how to' on the subject. :up:. …

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Improving Google image search (theory)

The 'holy grail' of a mad scientist is to be able to build an electronic 'brain' that has real intelligence rather than artificial intelligence! :left:.

I stumbled across this interesting article about an artificial neural network, simulated on a Commodore 64! :hat:. …

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