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99 Red Balloons in Afrikaans?

Having just discovered that this song from childhood was originally sung in German, I wondered about the original lyrics. The English lyrics barely made much sense and I could never figure out why the balloons were specifically red! :left:

Of, course, since I don't speak German, I decided to use Google. In The hopes of getting a less distorted translation, I felt that it would make sense to translate into Afrikaans. As I am reasonably fluent in Afrikaans, and since German an Afrikaans have almost identical grammar, I expected a near perfect rendering of German to Afrikaans.

I was wrong! Google clearly needs to work on their translation algorithm when translating lyrics! :irked:

Here is my translation, which is a much better version than Google's! :whistle: …

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Afrikaans or British? WTF?!

While searching for some old Afrikaaner folk songs on YouTube, I came across this little gem! :yes:.
And I learnt something new! Apparently, "Sarie Marais" is the official march of the Royal Marines! :eyes:. …

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