How to install striata-reader to a 64bit Crunchbang Waldorf system!

by subacati

Banks these days think they rule the World! :irked:
(well, they do, but they could at least pretend to give a damn right?)
So all South African banks require their customers to install some crappy third party software in order to read emailed statements. This software is not part of any web standard, is not installed by default in any Operating System and comes without source code. πŸ™„ …

Striata is a global company that appears to have no actual head office. They provide shoddy, poorly maintained encryption/decryption solutions for email. However, their software is not recognised as a web standard and they do not seem to be represented in the World Wide Web Consortium in any way.

Never the less, South African financial institutions do consider there outdated products to be the ultimate, de-facto standard in email encryption.

This means that you must install striata-reader, an out dated 32 bit binary, onto your system. Not too much of a problem when you're running an old 32bit dinosaur with Windows XP or Ubuntu. But if you're running anything else you're likely to run into some hassles.

Though full dependencies are not listed, the website does inform you that you need libc6. What it doesn't say, though, is that you need libc6-i386 specifically.
They also don't mention that you need lib32stdc++6 and it's dependencies.
As none of the three packages needed are normally found on a 64bit system, you will have to install these manually.
Well, actually, you only need to install lib32stdc++6 as the other two packages are dependencies and will automatically be installed by apt
:sst: The Ubuntu 64bit .deb will not work as it has ia32-libs set as a dependency instead. This has been deprecated in Debian.

So first install the dependencies;

sudo apt-get install lib32stdc++6

Then fetch the tarball from Striata;

Unpack the tarball, and in a bash shell, navigate to the directory labelled, striata-reader (it will be wherever you unpacked the tarball)

then enter,

sudo ./

After this you will be able to unpack Striata's propriety .emc files from the command line by typing;

striata-readerc <path-to-file>

Where <path-to-file> is the file name of the .emc file. (If it's in a different directory, you must enter the full path)

Unfortunately, the gui provided does not work correctly as it opens an html file in geany rather than the pdf. So rather unpack the encrypted archive and then you can read the pdf file directly.

Since the gui is a Python script, you might try hacking it to work a little better by having it open the pdf instead. (if you can code in Python of course)

P.S: As the install script provided by Striata does no dependency checking, it really doesn't matter whether you install striata-reader or it's dependencies first.