I forgot about them!

by subacati

Beste Qlue,

123video gaat op zeer korte termijn veranderen en zal uitsluitend nog video's uit de categorieën 'Celebs & Babes' en 'XXX – Erotiek & Sex' vertonen. Alle overige categorieën en de daarbij behorende video’s zullen definitief worden verwijderd.

De reden voor deze wijziging is enerzijds het potentiële risico dat 123video loopt ten aanzien van de inhoud van de andere categorieën en anderzijds de hoge kosten in verband met het in stand houden van deze categorieën.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Het 123video-team

I joined up here ages ago to see a video. Now they're eliminating all the videos I would actually be interested in! :p
I'd completely forgotten they even existed. (or why I joined in the first place for that matter)

Anyway, for those who can't read Dutch, the email basically states that they are soon going to remove all categories except for 'Celebs & Babes' and 'XXX – Erotiek & Sex' categories. :left:
This, they claim is because of the 'high cost' and expenses that comes from maintaining the other categories!
While the email does not say specifically what these costs are, I get the impression that it's a case of legal fees relating to copyright issues! 🙄

Anyway, it doesn't affect me much since I've not been to that site for years now! :up: