Illegible advertisements.

by subacati

Every now and then I come across something that just boggles the mind! Why on earth would you put out an advertisement that normal people cannot read?

I hv an acer aspire 1 netbook wth charger bt t nids a madaboard replacd an a sony ericson mini xperia e10i no acesories d scrn s crgckd bt t wrks fyn t jst nid a new b3 coz d 1 t hs s dead i want R1000 4 both m in kzn dbn south coast umzinto

I can deduce some of what is intended in this classified advert from Junkmail but I'm damned if I can interpret the whole of it. This kind if inscrutable cryptogram has become the norm in South Africa, which suggests that it must be accepted in educational institutions and in the workplace. However, if that is true, then it seems that we no longer use anything even remotely resembling English in South Africa.

If I had used a cryptogram like this in school, I would have been given a big fat 0% for any work I turned in. And anyone who uses this type of text for something like a classified ad is almost certainly also using it for work and/or school.

I get the nasty feeling that our newspapers and periodicals will soon be typed in this manner, rendering them quite unreadable to those of us who were educated before 1994. :awww: