The moon was not sighted in Cape Town.

by subacati

Islamic months start with the visual sighting of the new moon. Without the visual sighting of the new moon on the night following the 29th day, the month will continue for one more day. (i.e. thirty days) …

So, Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated on Friday the 9th of August (Jummah) in South Africa this year! :hat:

However, this brings up the question of those 'Islamic' countries further east which are already celebrating Eid. If we could not see the moon despite clear skies, how did they manage to see the moon? :confused:
Based on astronomical data, it would have required a telescope to see the moon here whereas the Hilal must be seen with the naked eye in order to be valid. Further east, and especially in the Northern hemisphere, it would not have been possible to see the moon even with a telescope!

This is one of the perplexing questions when many countries seem to make arbitrary decisions as to when they will begin a new month. These decisions do not even seem to be based on calculations of probabilities, which would at least be arguably needed in some countries like the UK.

If Muslims are confused by this, then how much more confusing it must be for non-Muslims? :p