by subacati

These are the songs that remind me of her, and this is the story behind it. …

It was the year 2000. I was working as a call centre operator for a fast food delivery company.

She was hired on my day off. At Seventeen, she was gorgeous.

A part of me knew that I could never meet her standards, but my baser instincts didn't care. I had long since 'learnt' that I didn't have a chance with a woman of her calibre so I never even tried! Yet I couldn't stop myself dreaming about her, wondering, longing.

Then, to my astonishment, I stumbled upon the key! We were sitting around the front desk, just chatting casually. There were three of us there, Cherise, Rene the manageress, and me.

Cherise was talking about calling in sick and joking that Rene would have to work her shift! Rene pointed out that, as manageress, she could not take Cherise's shift and that I would have to work in her place instead. :left:

Well, in my obsession I joked that Cherise would owe me 'date' then. :p

"Name the time and the place!" she said with seriousness that bordered on a challenge!

Well, I was dumbstruck! I had no response to that as I was totally not expecting it! :insane:
Fortunately, Rene was there to guide things along and within minutes it had been arranged! 😀

The owner of the business encouraged me to, "do something about it" when he heard that I was interested in this girl. And Rene had virtually set us up! 🙄
Cherise was my first. No girl had ever been willing to even consider me before that. And it was wonderful. We were happy and we really got along well.

And then it ended. Without warning, she dumped me. At first she tried to imply that it was Rene and Avri that had told her to end it. But both these two had only encouraged me, so that made no sense. Confused, I accepted it at first.

Then, a few days later, it came out that she was dating two other guys. Suspicious that she could have found two new boyfriends within four days, I dug a little deeper.

I turns out that she had started dating both of them while we were still a couple. :awww:

Naïvity is about experience, or rather, the lack thereof. She, at Seventeen years of age, had already been involved with more men than there are letters of the alphabet. A fact that she was so proud of that she even mentioned how she was only missing a few letters for a complete alphabet. :irked: Yet to me, in my naïvity, was my first and my only! :awww:

I had imagined our future together, a house, two cars, two and half kids, etc.

She imagined a different future, and it didn't include me.

Britney Spears released a song around that time that I just couldn't help but think had been written about Cherise. And the following year, Nickleback came out with a song that reminded me all over again about this ill-fated office romance. That was when I stopped listening to the radio.

We kept in touch for a while, after we managed to clear the air between us a bit. And then I got married. But Cherise will be hard to ever forget.

Nickleback will always remind be of her!