Even Interpol is sending me spam

by subacati

As regular readers already know, I like to publish the spam fraud that I receive.
I do this in the hope that it will prevent some people from becoming victims, but also for the laugh value. :left: …

This email came in the form of a pdf attachment.

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MR. ANTHONY D. LOEHNIS & ASSOCIATE ADDRESS: Marsha Street 2. SW1P 4DF. London. United
Attention: Beneficiary,
I am officially sending you this e-mail in order for you to be aware of the good news of
your funds, before I proceed, I will like you to keep away this message from any other
person around you, because we have decided to conclude this issue with you alone. JANUARY
30th 2011 a meeting was held with the General Director of the Interpol and some other top
officials in the United Kingdom concerning the online internet scam in conclusion; I was
assigned by the Interpol to fly down to South Africa for special investigation concerning
the delay of your payment. After some investigations, I noticed that your funds are still
in the Federal Suspense Account" of Reserve Bank. Meanwhile those people that you have
been dealing with are not from the right office, they are only using you to make money
for their own benefit (you must have realized that you have been paying for different
documents without any result till now.
You need to understand that my coming down to South Africa is because of your matter, and
I have to accomplish the transfer before returning to United Kingdom, I am the only
person officially and legally assigned to process and release your funds. At this point
in time I only need your full corporation and you have to seize every communication with
any other person or persons (be it bank or any other organization what so ever) different
from me to avoid being misled. Do not allow anyone to deceive you any more, at list you
have seen that your time and resources has been wasted all these while. So, stop
communicating with the wrong people. I have taken your funds documents to the Reserve
Bank for confirmation and they have been working on the release of your funds, the amount
of US$ 800,000.00 only has to be released this year and the balance will be released to
you by next year (2013). Meanwhile, I will need your information as stated below so that
I can know how to update you as soon as everything has been settled.
Full Name:
The total amount in question:
Upon the receipt of this information, I will email you or call you and give you code on
how to communicate with me and I will always keep you updated concerning the progress of
the transfer of your fund once again you are advised to seize all communication with any
other office or person to avoid being misled, and whenever you receive any message from
anyone, kindly forward it to me so that I can make a proper investigation on it. Failure
to follow my instructions you are bound to regret everything so wake up now!
Yours Faithfully
Mr. Benson D. Stanfield
Interpol Special Investigation Agent.
Contact E-mail:
######################@london.com or ###################@yahoo.co.uk

This shows just how opportunistic these scam artists really are! I have never been taken by any off these email scams and have no dealings with any previous fraudsters. This was sent out to me, and everyone else on their mailing list, in the hopes that;
a) We have been taken for a ride at some time in the past,
b) We are just starting to realise that we were taken,
c) That we would be stupid enough to assume that Interpol would just step in, save the day and still pay us our missing millions that we never earned in the first place! πŸ™„