On The Inside (2011) Movie Review

by subacati

There have been a few great classic prison movies. This one is! …

The story follows Allen Meneric who, after a crime of passion, is sentenced to a psychiatric prison for observation.
He quickly moves from the maximum section into the minimum section after his initial evaluation.
Just when things start going well, a psychopathic inmate hatches an escape plan. :insane:

I haven't watched as gripping a movie as this for a long time! The pace of the movie is a lot faster than it seems at first. While not nearly as masterful or as epic as The Shawshank Redemption, it is still a powerful and thought provoking film.

While the ending is a little clichΓ©, it's not the clichΓ© I was expecting! :left:

I give it a healthy four out of five! :up:

:sst: Don't bother making popcorn though, you'll forget to eat it! :whistle: