The poor quality of reporting today

by subacati

There once was a time when a person had to study and achieve a degree to be a reporter. But sadly, this no longer appears to be the case. :awww: …

Two articles on the Yahoo news sight caught my notice tonight. However, after reading them, I can't help wondering if it was even worth my effort. :left:

Consider the following extract of this report.

The cheapest EE tariff offers just 500MB worth of downloads costing £36 per month. Customers who want to download more than their allowance will be forced to pay extra.

The top EE tariff for standard customers will cost £56 per month with a data allowance of 8GB.

Now maybe my maths is bad, but according to my calculations 8GB at £56 comes to about 143MB per £1. Whereas 500MB at £36 is only around 14MB per £1. :left:
So how is 14MB per £1 cheaper than 143MB per £1 again? :confused:
Now the 500MB per month contract may be at a lower price than the 8GB per month contract, but it's not cheaper, it's more expensive! :irked:

Then there is this article wherein it is stated;

Militants demanding an extreme adherence to Islamic law – including minimal rights for women – insist girls should not go to school.

Whoever came up with that sentence is either ignorant, misinformed or just plain lying! :irked:

Islam teaches us that we must educate our children and makes no distinction between a child's gender in this regard. As for the claim that Islamic law demands "minimal rights" for Women, that is a gross distortion. Not only did Islamic law significantly increased the rights allocated to the Arabic Women when it was introduced around 1400 years ago. And many of the rights that are specifically given to Women in the Quran were not given to women in non muslim European societies until the late eighteen hundreds.

These 'extremists' who want women's rights limited and don't want female children to be educated are not following Islamic law. :awww:

These two articles are extreme examples of shoddy journalism. It's no wonder that the world is so messed up with 'informed' people getting there 'facts' from such poor articles.