Aaaargh! I lost my phone….

by subacati

Fortunately, someone honest found it and I got it back! :happy: .
Otherwise I wouldn't even be able to post this! :insane: .

So, on Saturday, I came down with fever! I spent the whole day in bed and I was so badly dehydrated that it took all night to replenish the lost fluids! πŸ˜₯ .
I'm still feeling miserable, but at least the fever broke and I was able to keep up my fast! :happy: .
I've been on sick leave for the last seven days with a shoulder injury. My Doctor tells me it's my neck, and it's caused by bad posture! :left: The x-rays show clearly that my neck is straight where it should be curved! :awww: .
Now, because of this I was unable to straighten my arm out a week ago. Yet they still wanted me to escort an Inmate to the public hospital, on my own! πŸ™„ .
Now I would usually volunteer for this as it is nice to get away from the politics of the prison. But, with a dysfunctional arm, it was way to risky. I agreed to go only on the condition that whoever sends me take responsibility in writing. (If it's not in writing, it didn't happen! Welcome to bureaucracy!)
Naturally, they wouldn't do that! πŸ™„ .
So, that's a brief update! :up: