by subacati

I joined a dating site a while back. Within an hour I decided that this site wasn't for me so I deleted my account, or so I thought… :left: …

I have tried to delete this dating site account once before. They keep spamming me with, "you have a new message"
Of course, you can't read the message until you habd over your credit card details! πŸ™„ .
Now, it just so happens that this 'South African' website gives a UK telephone number as a support line. :confused: .
Somehow, I don't trust them. They are just too keen on getting my credit card information based on empty promises. That and their tendency to not delete accounts suggests that this site is a money making scam! :irked:
This is the second time I've 'deleted' my account! Let's see if they get the message!
-:Direct link to screenshot:-

Well, I'll see if the emails stop. But I'll be sure to make a follow-up post if they don't! :whistle: