Waving to the brain.

by subacati

I just had an epiphany! Or rather, my brain did while I was sleeping!

I had one of my usual weird dreams that are like a medley collage of scenes from my life blended with various abstract stray thoughts!

In this dream, I was watching a demonstration by the typical ‘mad scientist’ type you see in movies! (ala Back To The Future)

He pulled out a plasma emitter and fired it at a person in the distance. Everything in the path of the beam was engulfed in  St. Elmo’s fire.! (the visual effect that was used in this dream was somewhat reminiscent of the particle accelerators used in Ghostbusters!)

A few minutes later, he fired this contraption toward an empty street. The person in the first instance was visually recreated as a ghost or hologram image.  This was the result of the electromagnetic field, which engulfed us witnesses, that created a ‘holographic’ electric effect in our brains. Effectively re-firing all the neurons in the visual cortex that had fired the first time! 😀

Now, as crazy as this sounds, it is actually scientifically feasible. An alternating electromagnetic field will interact with the brain, and through the phenomena of interference, can cause latent links between neurons to fire. In this way, memories can be enhanced and we can repeat long forgotten experiences.

In a way, our minds act like a hologram already. When we hear an old song we’ve forgotten about, it can trigger memories of an old girlfriend or the bicycle we had as a child or any other stray thought or experience that is concurrent with when we first heard that song.

But it goes beyond music. Any sensation of sound, light, smell, touch or taste can trigger memories of other related experiences.  And because our brains are partially electrical in nature, we can use a coherent electromagnetic wave as a reference beam to set up a mental ‘recording’ of a scene or experience.  A small electronic device, used while listening to a lecture or reading a book, could be used to ‘replay’ a memory during an exam. It would not only help us to pass that exam, but would further augment the neural links for that knowledge. Thus, our memories and knowledge of the subject in question would be reinforced automatically.

This could also be used a a ‘dream catcher’ that would record our dreams while we sleep. Then, once awake, we could replay our dreams in the waking state. Considering all the ‘Hollywood’ style dreams I usually have, this could be a goldmine since I could then write scripts for a living!  😛