Journey to The Mysterious Island!

by subacati

If you think you've read the book then think again! :faint: .

Let me start with the good stuff!

This movie will thrill any ten year old kid! It's packed with unbelievable creatures, fantasy and adventure!
The basic premise of the story is that a teenage boy and his stepfather set off to find "The Mysterious Island" that Jules Verne wrote about!

They team up with a Polynesian father and his teenage daughter!
The rest is just your basic teenage "boy meets girl, acts like a real dumbass, girl kisses boy" story. It's also got the wacky old adventurer ala Indiana Jones style grandfather and magic island that's right under the noses of the locals but no one knows it's there!
Basically, your average fun kid's adventure story! (reminded me of the Willard Price adventure books)

This was would have been a great Pixar animation,… Except that it wasn't animated! :irked: .
The script was clearly written by someone who thought it was going to be though! πŸ™„ .
In a lot of ways, it looked almost like it was cobbled together from scenes of previous Hollywood adventure films! It had a bit of Jurassic Park, a bit of Disney's Fantasia, some Crocodile Dundee and just a touch too much of The Lost World! :faint: .

As a fan of the Jules Verne classics, I consider this to be an insult to that great author! :awww: .

Give it a different title and leave out the Jules Verne references and you've got an average kid's adventure story that could stand on it's own! But by depicting it as a Jules Verne movie it becomes a slight on Jules Verne as much as on itself! πŸ˜₯ .

This Movie could have made a six out of ten but for that!

I give it;

3/10 for effort! :awww: .

:sst: If you've never read a Jules Verne novel, then it's worth watching…almost!