This is unacceptable Deep Silver!

by subacati

I bought two PC games yesterday! Skyrim and Dead Island. Skyrim installed and updated alright. I was a little annoyed that it had to 'update' which indicated that the game was actually released prematurely, but that's nothing compared with my experience with Dead Island! :irked: .

Dead Island doesn't install from the disk. Instead, it downloads completely from the Internet! 😑 .
At the time that I'm writing this, the download is about 60% complete and has already consumed 3GB of data. That's about R600+- where the game already cost R300+ to purchase in the first place! :irked: .
I will never buy another game bu Deep Silver again. In fact, since this appears to be the way games are going, I won't buy another game again! :knight: .

From now on, I'll stick with FOSS games!
At least with FOSS games;
1. I don't need to use Windows.
2. I don't need to pay twice for the same game!

A game that is sold on a disk, in a box, must be complete! Minor updates and a bugfix or two is acceptable since it is difficult to find every single bug prior to release! But that shouldn't need more than about 100MB of data! A non-working product is not fit for sale and having to download a game that you already have a disk for is totally ridiculous! :angry: .


I made a complaint to Deep Silver's technical support team. Their response was to confirm that this is exactly how the game works! :irked: .
Here is the email they sent me!

thank you for your inquiry.

We are terribly sorry about the exorbitantly high Internet costs in your region, but that's just the way Steam games are designed. Technically it doesn't really matter if you purchase the disc version or the digital version directly from Steam.

Note: If you reply to this Email please do not edit the subject line. Thank you!

Best regards

Your Support Team

Deep Silver Inc.
Technical Support
900 Larkspur Landing Circle
Larkspur CA 94939 / USA

Technical support:
08:00 (8:00 am) Pacific Time to 17:00 Pacific Time (5:00 pm)
Phone: 1-888-883-1505

01/26/2012 13:50 – wrote:
realname: Aadil Shah
Secondname: Shah
Firstname: Aadil
Product: Dead Island (PC)
Issue: Disc defect
Question: The game does not install from the disk. Instead, it downloads from the
Internet! At this point, it's used over 3GB of data and only 60% downloaded! Thus,
I've spent R300 for the disk, R600+ for data and I still can't play the game! This
is un acceptable and I will blog about it!
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