First (readable) spam of 2012

by subacati

Most of the spam I receive seems to be in Chinese lately. But here is the first readable spam letter I received this year! πŸ™„ .
Clearly, British banks hire people who cannot read and write in English! :whistle: . …

Dear Friend,

Hello my dear friend, i am writing to seek your co-operation over this business, please due welcome this letter. Although, i know you might be skeptical about this letter because you've been getting a lot them from different people and globe but be rest assured that i give you my word based on the fact and sincerity of this proposal. Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Kyle Harris the Accounts Director of a reputable bank in London.

My reason of contacting you is to disclose to you a business deal which has to do with a very huge amount of money, i do not know you and you also don't know me but we believe there are still a lot of genuine deals that has been initiated and executed successfully online by most opportunist. it might interest you to know that i have been investigating and making research particularly about an account in my department that has been UN-operational for over six years. But at this moment, I'm restrained to issue more details about this profitable business investment until i get your response by mail.

Kindly respond effectively and positively to this proposal and i will feed you with more details of the business as soon as you indicate your interest in participating in this project with your complete contact information. Also note that your share in this deal is 50% .

I solicit your mutual response towards this proposal.

Best regards,