by subacati

It's strange how some people seem to be unable to voice their discontent. Recently, I've had comments just disappear for no apparent reason. At first I thought it was just a glitch. Sometimes, when posting a comment from a mobile phone, the comment doesn't get registered properly on the My Opera servers. I have now confirmed, however, that a member of this community is deliberately deleting my comments on his blog. :doh:.
What I don't understand is, he could have blocked me, yet he didn't. :confused:. He could have asked me to stop posting on his blog, yet he didn't. :rolleyes:.
He clearly does not want me to post on his blog, but he has never said anything to me about it. :rolleyes:.
I don't know if I've somehow offended him, but if I did, it was not intentional and I apologise. :left:.
In any case, I shall not be commenting there again as I do not want to cause unnecessary friction. But do not think that I will avoid other blogs just because they're your friends. :irked:.
I will tend to ignore you in future though and I will report any apparent personal attacks. :knight:.