Animal Cruelty.

by subacati

(warning! Don't read this he you're of a sensitive disposition)
(this means you, Lu, Nitro etc.)

I was doing a little extra reading on dream research when I came across an absolutely macabre experiment performed by 'scientists'. :insane:.
An educationally challenged street punk could have told them what would happen. :irked:.
I therefore conclude that the 'researchers' involved in this brutal and illogical 'experiment' are either total morons that should have their medical licence revoked, or pure sadists who had no intention of obtaining actual results to begin with. (in which case they should have their medical licence revoked anyway! :irked:)
Stop reading now if cruelty distresses you! :insane:.

from Wikipedia:

In 1978, Solms,
along with partners William Kauffman
and Edward Nadar, undertook a series
of traumatic-injury impact studies
using several different species of primates, particularly howler monkeys , in order to disprove Hobson's postulation that the brain stem played a significant role in dream pathology. Unfortunately, Solms' experiments proved inconclusive, as
the high mortality rate associated with using a hydraulic impact pin to
artificially induce brain damage in test subjects meant that his final candidate
pool was too small to satisfy the
requirements of the scientific method.

If you didn't understand that and need a translation, this is what they did! They took some monkeys, and bashed their brains in to see what would happen! :insane:.
So what happened? Well suprise, suprise, – most of the monkeys died! :cry:.
This isn't science! And it didn't help mankind in any way! Even if usefull results were obtained, all it would have done is proved where in the brain a monkey dreams. :cry:.
Why did monkeys have to did just to resolve what amounts to a bloody pissing contest between doctors? :bomb:. And they didn't even get any results after all that anyway! :insane:.
I definitely don't want that doctor practicing on me! :insane:.