Sanathan Squatter Camp.

by subacati

The person I get a lift with didn't pitch up tonight. I tried to phone him, but he didn't answer. :irked:.
Well I had to get to work so I put my knapsack away, picked up my tonfa, locked vs and started walking. :awww:.
Remember that incident about a week ago? Remember that squatter camp I mentioned? Well I had to pass by that squatter camp again tonight. :rolleyes:.
there was a couple on the path ahead of me, returning from a night out. Apart from that it was quiet, everything looked deserted as might be expected at midnight. :left:.
Nonetheless, I kept my eyes peeled for anyone lurking in the shadows. It was quiet, no signs of life anywhere. An ambulanced passed.
"Ok!" the darkness said behind me! :insane:.
I glanced over my shoulder and there, off to the left, the lookout was reclining against a plastic construction barrier. :eyes:.
A light flicked on across the road, silhouetting a group of ten to fifteen men. :nervous:. They were busy reconnecting their cable to the pedestrian robot. :eyes:.
A tingle began at the top of my head and crawled down my spine. The shadows receded as the world became brighter. :nervous:.
Two meters further, and a passing Muslim stopped and offered me a lift, which I gladly accepted! :insane:.
It's a good think I'd evacuated my bowels before I left home. :faint:.