Safe Custody

by subacati

Working for Correctional Services exposes me to a lot of weird decisions. …

Tonight I'm guarding an inmate who has been admitted to the public hospital after his most recent suicide attempt. :left:.
This is a regular story with this particular inmate. :rolleyes:.
But that is not what this post is about. You see, this inmate has pending cases against some of the members, my colleagues, for alleged assault. I wasn't present to witness these alleged assaults and these cases are sub judice so I can't really comment on the cases. :left:.
The thing is, the Correctional Officers in question have all been removed from the section where this inmate normally stays due to it been conflict of interest. They are not allowed in that section for that reason. This is policy in line with the principles of safe custody. Now two of there Officials have, on different days, been sent here to guard this self same inmate ct the public hospital. Here where there are no other Correctional Officers and no bars and locked doors that could possibly protect the inmate. :faint:.
I just don't understand the logic of this. In the prison, in the section where there are other Correctional Officers and inmates who could act as witnesses etc, they can't guard him. But here, where this are no witnesses, no one who could act against them, it's ok to guard him? :confused:. If it had been me who was named in one of those cases I would have refused to come. :irked:.
Government departments are run by morons! :ko:.