Open Source Awards

by subacati

Ok, this post is a little on the late side. :whistle:.
The results of the Linux Questions forum's Open Source of the year polls are out! The open source community has spoken! :hat:. …

You can view the full results here or have a look at the pie charts! :yes:.
I want to, especially, draw your attention to the video media player of the year awards! VLC is not, to my knowledge, installed as the default Video/media player in any distribution of Linux. Yet it still managed to score 58% of the votes! :hat:.
Considering that vlc is intended as a video lan system, and not a stand-alone video player, this suggests that it is a brilliant piece of software! :yes:.
It should be noted that vlc is available for Windows® and Mac® systems as well. :hat:w00t!:hat:.