Chain letter pyramid schemes via email!

by subacati

Just when I thought I'd seen it all!!! :irked:. …

I received this spam email today and it wasn't even sent to my spam folder! :awww:.

Email Reading Work at Home opportunities


This $10 program can make you earn $1000 a month!!!

What is the actual work?

We will provide you the list of 1000's of advertising companies. Just you have to register yourself with the companies for free. They are free to join. No need to pay anything to join with them. After your registration, they will send you the emails, just you have to open and click the link provided in the mail. in some case, they will ask you to visit their website. For this little work, they are giving a very good payment for you.

No experience required. Training is included when you order.

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See the Real Deal Here: ){rest of mini url removed by me for your safety}


Claire Aufort

email reading job (work-at-home)

To receive no more emails from me, please Reply "REMOVE" in the subject and send to Thank you. All removal request will be handled manually.


Now what I took notice of is the use of to hide the destination of the link! :insane:

That, and the gmail origin of the email are both unusual! Now we've had this kind of spam in the form of snailmail and in Job offer classifieds for years! (anyone remember, "fill envelopes from home" scams?) But I haven't seen it in email form before! :awww:.

And, if you think about it, it makes even less sense from an email perspective??? :confused:.
Why would someone pay

you to read there email? :confused:.

Of course, the savvy person can quickly see several possible ways this scam may work! First off is the clear indication that they expect a 'down payment' before you get started! This is the classic pyramid style chain letter trick! You receive a letter saying something like, "send me $10 and I'll tell you how to become a millionaire!". If you send the $10 dollars, they simply say, "go thou and do likewise!". :irked:.

The next possible level of the scam is the part about clicking links! Most people know by now that one should not click links that you receive in unsolicited emails. We are all double weary of urls that end in .ru as it's well known that such websites are often used to host malware! But what of these shortened urls? We actually have no way of knowing where they lead before we get there! :insane:.

So, in conclusion, if you don't know already! Delete any similar email you receive and don't click the link!