Walking tall

by subacati

I don't drive because I prefer the freedom of walking! :up:. (that's my story and I'm sticking to it! :p)
So this may well be the 'vehicle' for me! :yes:.
Anyone willing to sponsor? :whistle:. …

Hiking Exoskeleton

VuClip link: http://m.vuclip.com/w?cid=26623997&z=1102&frm=s

Paraplegic Exoskeleton

VuClip link: http://m.vuclip.com/w?cid=187760918&p=0&sn=1&z=1102&n=519&frm=w

And of course, whatever the Americans and Isrealis can do, The Japanese can do better! :p:hat:.

Japanese Exoskeleton

VuClip link: http://m.vuclip.com/w?cid=51045574&z=1102&frm=s&frm=sur