Even Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors know the truth!

by subacati

This is a quote from the fantasy novel, "Xone Of Contention", a 'Xanth' novel by the author, Piers Anthony! :p
(or is that 'Peer Xanth O'knee'? :sherlock:)
Now which operating system does he use I wonder? :whistle:. …

Originally posted by Piers Anthony:

"Damn you, Macrohard," he swore softly "Just once, couldn't you give a person a break? I'm not trying to steal Doors from you, just to put a special function on the keypad 'Enter' key so Grundy Golem can work independent of the mouse. There are folk who don t like being chained to the mouse, you know this isn't Dizzy World. Would it hurt you so bad to let someone have it his own way for a change!" But of course he knew the answer, yes it would truly pain the company to let a user ever have it his own way Macrohard never wanted anyone to forget for half an instant exactly who was the master, and who was the least important person in the universe. It couldn't stop third party programmers like Edsel from trying to alleviate things but it could, and did, make sure that they were unable to make any significant improvements So the bone became a whole zone of contention.