On a journey to another world!

by subacati

A little over a week ago, bored and with neither my phone nor my computer to console me, I picked up a half discarded book that no one seemed to care for. :left:.
Within a short time, I was transported to another world, where magic was feared and swordcraft respected. :happy:. …

The book is "Aurian" by Maggie Furey.
I was on dayshift. Posted in the sections, where I could not use my gadgets. So the book allowed an abatement to the annoying boredom of opening and closing gates. :ko:.
I haven't read a book in ages and I'd forgotten how intoxicating and addictive reading can be. :left:.
Well, when I reached the end of the book, I realised that the story was split over a trilogy of three books. :awww:.
And I didn't have the rest of the trilogy! :cry:.

But, Google came to my rescue! :up:.
Having found the rest of the books in pdf form, I have since been enjoying the story on my computer. :yes:.

So if you've noticed that I haven't been around much, now you know why! :happy:.