The camera never lies!

by subacati

While it may be true that, "the camera never lies," the same cannot be said for the touch-up artist! πŸ˜‰ …

The first image is one I found with google! She clearly has a bad case of acne! :insane:.
So I set about clearing her skin condition with a good dose of GIMP! :yes:.
How I did it!
First, make two layers of the same image. Then use the pick-up tool to extract colour from an area that's close to the area you're about to work on. Use the airbrush with the blurry brush. airbrush the blemishes away on the first layer. When you've done that, hide the first layer and select the second layer. Do the same on the second layer. Final step, make the first layer visible, select the first layer and set transparancy to 50%. Flatten then layers! Save!
Now you have an idea of how those 'supermodels' on magazine covers always seem to look too good to be true! πŸ˜‰
:sst: it's because they are!