Shuks Shabalala!

by subacati

I recently had the privilege of watching, "Shuks Shabalala's Survival Guide to South Africa 2010".
Some parts are even more enjoyable after the World Cup! :yes:. …

Now this movie is typical Leon Schuster slap-stick/candid-camera comedy! He attacks vuvuzela's with gusto, 'enforces' traffic laws, set's up politicians and even wakes the dead. All in the name of laughter of course!. Alfred Ntombela is his trusty sidekick once more! :hat:.
Now, just in case you're worried about safety whilst visiting South Africa, Have no fear, Amazulu is here to protect you! :whistle::devil:.
Now I couldn't find any scenes from the movie to embed, and I won't risk the wrath of Leon by uploading my own because… :insane:.

So you'll just have to go out and buy/rent it for yourself! :yes:.
here is the trailer to,

Schuks Shabalala's Survival Guide To South Africa 2010