I need somw advice!

by subacati

My ex is asking for money again! …

As Usual, my ex has recently started being all friendly again. She started of talking about getting back together again. :left:.
But, also as usual, within 24 hours she began asking for 'help'.
First, she 'needed' a new phone.
Then she 'needed' to open a clothing account, apparently her mother said something to the company when they phoned to confirm her address! (probably told them the truth) So they turned her down. So she then asked me to 'help' her open the account. :left:. I refused, because I know I'll end up being responsible for a debt I can't afford! :irked:.
She told me a nice story about how she was starting a new job as a 'pa' for one of South Africa's top clothing designers. :rolleyes:. So she needed to 'look the part'. She chose 'Mr Price' for this, a shop that caters mostly to teenager!

Then, she needed money for stock for her catering 'business'.

Basically, How do I tell her to f off politely?
Here's her latest sob-story!

(21/07/2010 08:53:30) Mumtaaz : Hey u , was at d hsptl al day yday , they r testn my blood , sayn i hav sum virus dats in it , im on heavy medz at d moment , bt nd t wrk aswel cud u plz lend me r450 , as sn as my 1st ordr goez ot il pay it bk , i tawt id cum c u ths wk bt i jst cnt make it , im so weak nd im afraid of passn ot in da wrng plce ,if u decide t help text me il gv u my bnk dtailz , love m , ps,.i reali nd ur help aadil πŸ˜₯ nd i promis i wil pay bk