Anyone want a consignment of BS? (spam)

by subacati

Samo, samo. Another offer of an illegal 'business' deal! :rolleyes …

Good Day Dear Friend,

I am the Operations Manager with a Security Company here in United Kingdom, I am contacting you regarding to a business deal, there is a (Consignment) that was deposited with us in 2001 by Mr. George Brumley who was an investor in Africa, One month ago I was assigned by my superiors to locate Mr.Brumley since I am one of the oldest staff in this organization and I was part of the team that approved the consignment at the time it was deposited with us in 2001.

I have tried several means in reaching Mr. George Brumley all effort failed not until I got the information from a very reliable source that my former client died within the period he was in Africa just after 2 years he deposited the consignment in my company.
I want to present you as the beneficiary to the consignment, there will be no risk involve on this opportunity we are about to step into.

The Deal is this, the consignment contains a total amount of (US$4.2M) and my superiors has given me an ultimatum to get the consignment to Mr. George but I think it will be stupid of me to pass the message to them that Mr. George Brumley is late, for them to send the consignment to the government coffers as unclaimed, and that will enable them to open the consignment to know its content. When we accepted the consignment from our late client it was tagged as family valuables.

Do not be sceptical about this deal because I am going to get every legal document concerning the consignment on your name before I will inform my superiors that I have been able to get the rightful owner to the consignment.

All they need from me is to get the consignment to the owner; I am willing to share the funds 70/30 with you.

Please, acknowledge receipt of this email using the below personal email address below, so that we can discuss the next step.

I will furnish you with details of late Mr. George Brumley as soon as I hear from you and I want you not to take this as a game because of the medium in which I contacted you.

Best Regards,

Mr. David Andrew