The Golf Genie

by subacati

One day a young man took his beautifull wife to the golfcourse.
She was a lousy golfer but, to please her husband, she tried. :up:.

By the seventh hole, she was finally getting the hang of it. She selected the number three wood, as this was a long hole, and swung a near perfect swing! :hat:.
The ball went high, but curved sharply to the left, towards a mansion with huge glass windows! :insane:.

the man's worst fears were realised when, as the approached the mansion, he saw that a huge, seven foot tall window had been smashed! :left:.
They stepped up to window and peered in. :right:. This was a large room with one wall lined with shelves. On the shelves stood what appeared to be a vast collection of antique glass jars and bottles, , , and on the floor, the remains of one particularly large glass jar. :insane:.
A guy wearing strange clothes was standing there as well.

So this man started apologizing, promising to say the damages and such, but the guy in the wierd clothes said,
"Thank you for rescuing me. I'm a Genie, and I've been stuck in that bottle for over two thousand years!" :happy:. "I can grant you three wishes, but I have a favour to ask!"
The man thinks for a bit and then makes his three wishes. With every wish, the Genie hums for a bit, clapps his hands and says, "It is done." :wizard:.
Once the man is done with his wishes, the Genie asks,
"I see you have a very beautifull wife.