by subacati

This Video is a desktop screencast of the Commodore 64 version of the Atari game M.U.L.E. as rendered by the excellent VICE emulator! …

Sorry about the quality, but my netbook doesn't have quite enough resources to to run both the VICE emulator and a screencast app! :lol:.
(Sorry, YouTube trashed this video. :irked:.)

Linux: http://www.drivehq.com/file/df.aspx/publish/qlue/PublicFolder/mule.ogv
Apple: http://www.drivehq.com/file/df.aspx/publish/qlue/PublicFolder/mule.mov
Windows: http://www.drivehq.com/file/df.aspx/publish/qlue/PublicFolder/mule.wmv
Mobile: http://www.drivehq.com/file/df.aspx/publish/qlue/PublicFolder/mule.3gp

Still my favourite toy! :happy:.