Flame bait

by subacati

Hi friends. Due to my recent celebrity status, some infantile people have decide to attempt to flame bait me or simply swear at me etc.
Someone has even gone to the trouble to register a new account with an Arabic name simply to send me a rude pm. :rolleyes:. …

Anyway, I've blocked anonymous messages and blocked a whole bunch of juvenile shitheads. So this is just a heads-up to be on the lookout for this type of behaviour and deal with it in an appropriate manner! :up:.
Unfortunately, I can't be here twenty-four/seven so some things may get posted that cannot be deleted immediately. :awww:.
Also, I usually won't bother to delete a comment just because the commenter can't string to coherent words together. Only outright abuse and anti-social comments usually get deleted on my blog. :up:.