by subacati

It is a tradition here on the My Opera community to write a special post when one is declared "Member Of The Week" :up:.
So here I am, following tradition! :hat:. …

:yes:. I knew this day would come. Anyone who is active on there blogs for long enough will surely be a MOTW sooner or later. :up:.
I was expecting it to be later rather than sooner though. :left:.

First, please don't just add me as a friend. If you want to be in my friends list, first try adding a few blog posts to your own blog. :left:.
How can I get to know you if you blog is empty? And how can we become friends if we don't know one another. :confused:.

I am an avid Operamini user, as you may have read. I even use Operamini on my netbook. :left:.
I'm writing this post from my Nokia E65 using Operamini! w00t! :hat:.

Strangely enough, my blog is relatively empty. I spend most of my time online commenting on other peoples blogs. :p.
I don't often blog about religion or politics either. I have my religious beliefs, and I strongly support the right of freedom of religion. :yes:.

:rolleyes:. I really don't know what to write in this post, as you can probably see. :lol:.

About South Africa, well, the politics is a mess, but the people are wonderfull! :hat:.
I love my Country, I was born here, and I fully intend to die here! (hopefully, not before I turn 99 though).
We have more freedoms in South Africa than most countries do. But freedom comes at a price. :awww:.

Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to plug my prefered operating system for pc's :hat:.
I use Ubuntu on my netbook. The word 'ubuntu' is a Zulu word that is usually translated as 'brotherhood'. It's meaning is actually closer to 'togetherness' though. It's a reference to the way Linux is developed by enthusiastic members of the Linux community, rather than being developed by an elitist group of propriety developers.
linux is not a perfect operating system. Nor is it 'the best' operating system. It's merely, 'an operating system'. There are very few things that Ubuntu is not suited to. For general usage, however, it is fully capable of doing everything that you'd normally use one of the two major propriety operating systems for. :yes:.
What's more, is that the software needed to for there things is readily available for free from the trusted repositories. :hat::yes:.
Where you would have to risk downloading software from untrusted, and often untrustable, websites if you use a popular propriety operating system, all Linux distro's come with a pre-determined set of trusted repositories. So you can have peace of mind that the copy you are downloading has not been compromised by malware! :yes:.

Can Ubuntu get virus's? :left:.
Technically, yes. In practice, however, it's not easy to install a virus on Linux due to the need for user interaction to do so. :left:. And you're certainly not going to knowingly install a virus on your system now are you? :left:.
Just Google 'linux virus' to find a 'long' list of about twenty known virus's, only a few of which have been discovered, 'in the wild'. :rolleyes:.
What even more interesting to note is that the virus's that run on Redhat/Fedora systems, won't run no Debian systems and vice-versa! :hat:.
More operating systems means less virus's :yes:.

So what are you waiting for? Download Ubuntu today! :hat:.

Thanks to all my friends here on My Opera. And thank you Espen, for choosing me as member of the week! :yes:.

(is my fifteen minutes of fame over yet? :insane:)