by subacati

Chances are, if you've never heard of the music video, "Thriller", by Michael Jackson, then you weren't even born yet in 1983. :up:. …

Well, I was getting bored of playing songs from the same three cd's over and over again. So I decided to see if Ovi store had anything to offer. :left:. I tried various search terms, but nothing was found for any of them! :confused:.
So, I decide to search Ovi store for one of the best known music video's ever produced. :up:.
And yes, we have a hit! :yes:.

And as you can see, it's only ZAR25. :left:.
Now you might be wondering what the point is. After all, by now, you should realise that I seldom post unless I've got something to say right? :whistle:.
And I'm sure you'r wondering if I bothered to spend the ZAR25 on MJ or not. :rolleyes:.

Well, I think not. :rolleyes:.
I don't mind paying for music, video's and content in general. But firstly, almost every search I ever do on Ovi store ends in,
"Sorry, no results for . . . "
And secondly, I wont't download half the crap they put up there for free, so what makes anyone think that what cannot be more than five seconds of instrumentals is worth so much? Especially since the original production is 14 minutes long. :irked:.
They shouldn't even be allowed to give it the same name! :awww:.