Does anyone speak engrish?

by subacati

Spam again! :rolleyes:. …

Dear Value Customer :

Following a request we received online, by phone or at a FNB branch

We Therefore has placed your account on restricted access.

Due to wrong information provided during interrogation we had all rights to believe

that your account has been authorized by a third-party user.

In other to protect you which is our utmost concern we have blocked your account.

Click On Proceed to FNB Online to retrieve and unlock


Failure to secure your online account with FNB online Banking security,

will lead to suspension of your account.

Account Reference: (0x3d.0x38.0x4e.0xcf)

Thanks for banking with us

firstly, I don't bank with FNB. Secondly, if you want to be convincing, try typing with less engrish! :rolleyes:.