YouTube is kaput!

by subacati

YouTube have managed to improve themselves beyond useable. :rolleyes:. …

I've just spent the last few hours trying to get YouTube to run on my Smartphone. :left:.
The results are as follows:
Nokia E65 native browser – fail
Operamini – passes video to native browser – fail
Opera Mobile – fail
Skyfire (desktop) – 'your browser is no longer supported'
Skyfire (mobile) – fail
Bolt (desktop) – 'your browser is no longer supported'
Bolt (mobile) – fail
UCweb – fail
Teashark – fail

desktop view is the default for some browsers. Mobile they was selected from the on screen options.
A fail means that basically nothing worked.
The 'mobile optimization' from YouTube failed dismally.
I haven't found my usb cable yet so I can't test YouTube with a PC.
I can still use VuClip to they some videos, but I can't always find the ones I'm looking for. :awww:.
Knowing how things go on the net, it'll be another six months or more before this crapp gets sorted out. :irked:.
For Mobiles, YouTube is fail for now. :rolleyes:.