ABSA bank

by subacati

Our Valued Customer,

Your access to Internet Banking Service has been suspended due to a conflict between your Access Account Number and security information. To enable you continue accessing your online account it will only take you few minutes to verify your Identity. Follow the reference below and you will be guided to where you shall gain an instant verification process.


IMPORTANT – You are strictly advised to match your Sensitive Details correctly to avoid service denial.

Yours Sincerely,
Absa Bank Limited
Internet Banking Services

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In case you didn't figure it out for yourself!, this is a phishing scam trying to get illegal access to YOUR money!!!
fortunately, ABSA internet banking requires you to enter a secret pin code that is automatically sent to your registered mobile number, thus making it very difficult (if not impossible) to access someone's account illegally! :left:.
Well, not exactly impossible, since the SMS could possibly be intercepted by a dishonest mobile network employee! :insane:.