Dedicated Doctors!

by subacati

I'm sitting here in GJ Crookes hospital, guarding a prisoner who encountered the wrath of the guards. :whistle:.
It's midnight, almost everyone, is asleep. Suddenly, a doctor arrives! :yikes:.
Dr Naicker has come to check on one of his patients! :eyes:. In the middle of the night!!!
After confirming the condition of his patient, he orders a suture kit from the nurse, and puts a few stitches in. :yes:.
Presumably, it was not possible to do this earlier. :left:. Then he confirms that the patient is to be taken to X-ray in the morning. :left:.
I overheard him say that he'd call 'X-ray' to inform them. (I presume he meant 'radiology'.)
Considering how tough it is to find a doctor in this hospital during normal hours, let alone after hours, makes this doctor an exceptionally dedicated doctor! :yes:.
Kudos to Doctor Naicker! :yes:.
We need more South Africans like you! :hat:.