Damned public holidays!

by subacati

Ok, so the books that I'd ordered from kalahari.net were sent out on monday. So, I go to the postoffice, and sure enough, the slip is in my mail box. (no, my computer never said, 'you've got mail' :p)
Anyways, so I go to the front of the postoffice, and they're still closed! :confused:. I mean, there business hours are supposed to be from 8h30 till 16h00 on a wednesday! :irked:.
So I go down to my favourite take-away to have a burger for breakfast. :D.
The first bite of that burger put's my mouth on fire!!
So I comment about the 'new sauce' on the burger. And the guy behind the counter says, "We thought we'd spice it up a bit for the public holiday". :left:.
:doh:. So that's why the postoffice wasn't open!! :rolleyes:.
Damned public holidays!! :irked:.
Had I realised that I'd have stayed in bed! 🙄