Really Wierd survey copied from Kimmie

by subacati

What kind of art do you like to do?: Not my forté
When was the last time you exercised? What did you do?: Does walking three kilometres to work count? :left:.
You're bored in class; what do you do?: Start teaching the teacher :p.
If you had to choose somebody to be your role model, who would it be?: Well, some of my role-models growing up include, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and most importantly, that genius, Walt Disney! :yes:.
You and the last person you called are locked in a room. What happens?: We both break into Macgyver mode and unlock the door with a stick of chewing gum and bicycle spoke that just happens to be lying around for no apparent reason! :p.
Which one of your friends would you have to bang to have the cutest baby?: Umm? :left:.
DO YOU READ BOOKS?: Waiting for my delivery from as it happens! :rolleyes:.
Where did you last buy clothes from?: Woolworths, South Africa! (not to be confused with the thousand and one other stores around the world withy the same name!)
Did you grow up too fast?: :left:.
(Besides crying) What do you do when you're sad?: Pretend that I'm happy! :happy:. (don't laugh, it actually works! :p)
If you had $200 to blow, where would you spend it and on what?: That depends, are we talking Zim dollars, Canadian dollars, NewZealand dollars or US$ ? :sherlock:.
What's your favorite time of day?: Waking up! :yes:.
Your 5th top friend: If you two had a baby, would it be cute?: I don't know how to answer this one! :left:.
Your 1st top friend: How would they react if you kissed them?: ditto! :rolleyes:.
Your 3rd top friend: Have you ever physically hurt them?: ditto! :rollyeys:.
Your 2nd top friend: Have you ever had a sleepover with them?: ditto! :rolleyes:. (do people still call it a 'sleepover' in the twenty first century?)
Why do you take pictures of yourself?: I don't, usually. :left:.
Have you ever noticed all the subtle dirty jokes in Spongebob?: haven't watched many episodes of Spongebob! :left:.
What is something that cracks you up no matter what?: N2O2 :whistle:
For whatever the next holiday is, what would be the perfect gift for you?: Is controll over the atomic collider at Cern an option? :whistle:
Have you ever started to like a friend TOO MUCH?: What, you mean in a Norman Bates kinda way? That question just sounds wierd to me!!! :insane:.
Do you sing along to the radio?: What radio? you mean you hear it too? :eyes:.
What brings out the worst in you?: Fatigue! :awww:
Can you keep calm and composed in stressful situations?: I've spent my whole life training myself that way… but sometimes… :whistle:.
Describe in detail your favorite pair of underwear.: Well this an awkward one! :o. I Stopped wearing underwear like, ten years ago! :whistle:.