Medical uncertainty

by subacati

Well, I was in the mosque today. And I stood up as prayers were starting. Nothing unusuall. A little unsteady on my feet but otherwise ok. Then about a minute or less into the first rakaat, my legs suddenly went weak, I broke out into a terrible sweat and began to feel nauseous. i had to sit down and completed my prayers from a sitting position, drenched in sweat.
well, I got scared, so I decided to in straight to the doctor after prayers. Fortunately, my doctor attends the same mosque and I net him on the way out. When I told him what happened, he got worried. So now I'm in the doctor's consulting rooms, awaiting transport to the hospital. I guess I'm not going to work tonight. :left:.
Anyways, I'm feeling fine now, but my doctor's not taking any chances. I'll keep you all informed! :up:.